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we invited over 50 poets to take part in a reading to celebrate the breadth & scope of our rich, diverse, and talented literary community in the twin cities [as pictured, top from l to R]:

Nimo Farah, Queen, Saara Myrene Raappana, Francine Conley, Halee Kirkwood, Hye-Kyong Kim, Zoë Bird, Annemarie Earys, Anthony Ceballos, Sarah Ogutu, Sean Philips, Shanai Matteson, Ifrah Mansour, Louis Alemayehu, Marcelle Richards, Elizabeth Brett Jenkins, Chavonn Williams-Shen, Chris Martin, Timothy Otte, Tony Plocido, Jacey Choy, Mary Austin Speaker, Michael Kleber-Diggs, Nicola Koh, Conor Stratton, Ed Bok Lee, Emily Oliver, Michael Torres, Patrick Werle, Rachel Moritz, Janaya Martin, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Kate Kysar, Anaïs Duplain, Chris Santiago, David Mura, Ricardo Levins Morales, Rosie Peters, Stanley Kusonoki, Lia Rivamonte, Lisa Yankton, Mary Easter Moore, Debra Stone, Dustin Nelson, Gabriela Spears, Thomas LaBlanc, Valérie Déus, Xiaolu Wang, Matt Mauch, Anh-Hoa Nguyen, Max McDonough, Hawona Sullivan Jansen, Heidi Czerwiec, IBé

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inaugural great twin cities poetry read [GTCPR] in its 9th year

“It is nice to find your, or actually, what happens is, your tribe finds you. And you are so happy.” – Lucille Clifton

Founded in 2009 by poet Matt Mauch, he organized the annual reading series at Normandale Community College, Hamline University & Augsburg College, before passing the GTCPR torch to poet Mary Austin Speaker, who was at the helm from 2015-2017. Mauch envisioned the GTCPR as a “for us, by us” adventure, with as many people playing a part in making it happen as is possible, so that the tribe gathers not just for the event, but as part of making the event an event. Speaker continued this legacy until passing the torch to us to bring more tribes together. We are honored to take the reigns for this next generation of the Great Twin Cities Poetry Read.

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also celebrating moon palace books & co. on national independent bookstore day

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Poetry Asylum held our inaugural Great Twin Cities Poetry Read at Moon Palace Books to also celebrate National Independent Bookstore Day. We had over 50 poets & countless supporters at their new space at 3032 Minnehaha in the heart of Minneapolis. We'd like to thank Angela & Jamie & all their amazing staff at Moon Palace Books for hosting us with such enthusiasm and support. We couldn't have done it without you!